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Geothermal Garden

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Geothermal Garden

Since 2009 Professor Robert Dell has been developing a geothermal heated garden capable of growing plants in extreme environments. After ten years of research our task was to create a production garden capable of producing turnips for a small shop in Reykjavik, and to prove sustainable farming could be achieved using waste heat energy and without the use of a greenhouse.

This garden is the first of its kind, and is home to the only living oak tree in Iceland. 

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The garden is split into two groups, heated and unheated beds. Growth was tracked over two months and it was found that plants in the heated garden beds grew 44% more than their unheated counterparts, the highest growth rate yet.

We also built a four-layer composite fence this year to protect the crops from pests and extreme weather. It is composed of sheep fencing, chicken wire, metallic wire fencing, and stainless steel mesh.