Education & Service


I began my education at Regis High School in the fall of 2013 and graduated in the spring of 2017. Each day I commuted two hours to school and back, took part in student led organizations, participated in and led retreats, and more. 

My four years here were the most transformative of my life, and I am grateful for every moment. Below are some of my experiences I had while at Regis.

The Hearn

Regis Speech & Debate Society

debate team pic.jpeg

I joined the debate team in 2014 as a sophomore. I hoped to get involved in more activities at Regis, better my public speaking abilities, learn leadership and teamwork, while also learning a bit along the way. 

In the spring of 2015, my partner and I won the Novice Public Forum State Championship debating the Resolved: Committing United States ground combat troops to fight ISIL is in the best interest of the United States. It was an incredible moment and from then on my love for debate and those weekends out of state with my team only grew stronger.


At the end of my junior year at Regis, I ran for the public forum debate presidency for the Hearn. I won the election and served as president for the duration of my senior year: leading open floor discussions about topics, representing the team at competitions, coaching underclassmen, and debating at tournaments myself. 

This was one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. I was able to teach underclassmen and to learn from them myself. My own speaking abilities were heightened, and I was able to instill the same confidence I found through debate in those who looked up to me as a leader. Coach Eric Di Michele and the rest of my team have had an incredible impact on the man I have become, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Joy Dancing Beijing

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In the summer of 2016, I and about twenty of my classmates had the opportunity to travel to China to participate in a cultural exchange program. We represented the United States, singing "Lord Don't Move This Mountain" and "America the Beautiful."

Experiencing life on the other side of the world, meeting people from all different countries, and trying new foods, all while representing my country was unimaginable. I learned more over those thirteen days abroad about the world than I have in any class.

Campus Ministry



Tutoring & Coaching

Christian Service

At Regis, all sophomores go on a three day religious retreat which has always been kept a secret and promises to be one of the most transformative moments of a student's life, it did not disappoint. 

Following my own Quest retreat, I led retreats each of the following years, first as a Junior leader responsible for conducting speeches and small group discussions and then as a senior leader. As a senior leader I was responsible for organizing retreat events, coaching junior leaders, giving speeches between activities, and helping underclassmen through their retreat experience. My participation and leadership in the retreats at Regis not only taught me valuable lessons about life and gratitude, but also about group dynamics and understanding.

Throughout my entire high school and college careers I have tutored underprivileged students. Whether it be formally through a school or one-on-one with children I know, pro bono tutoring has been incredible. Being able to help those who have less than I did access similar opportunities and be successful is incredibly gratifying. 

I also have been a Soccer and Basketball coach since I graduated elementary school. The way I always see it, the parents who coached my teams never received any payment, they just did what they did out of the good of their hearts and to provide their kids with happiness. There's no reason I shouldn't do the same. 

As seniors at Regis all students are required to fulfill a Christian service requirement. I fulfilled my service requirement at the Corpus Christi School on the upper west side. I spent every Tuesday in a classroom of toddlers all ranging in ability, creativity, and maturity. Having younger siblings of my own, this taught me some incredible lessons. 

As much as I may have been teaching the young students each day, they taught me so much more than I could have bargained for. I learned to be patient, and to communicate when communication seems impossible. Furthermore, I learned just how tough it is to be an educator and from the experience I derived a newfound appreciation for my teachers.


I began my education at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in the fall of 2017 and plan to graduate with a Bachelor's of Mechanical Engineering in the spring of 2021.  

My time here so far has been invaluable, and although it has been extremely challenging, the opportunities I've been afforded have definitely been worth several more years of a long commute. 

Since I started at Cooper, I have taken a number of technical engineering courses that have been invaluable to the pursuit of my degree. I have taken engineering graphics, principles of design, statics, dynamics, materials science, and several independent studies. By summer 2019 I will also have completed my mechanics of materials, systems engineering, electrical engineering, thermodynamics, and design & prototyping classes. 

Much of the work I have done otherwise at Cooper can be considered more project oriented, and can be found in the project page of my site.